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Oct 19, 2003
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I'm in the pipeline of opening my own nail & beauty salon and was wondering....

I'm a CND Master Tech, and the majority of my customers at the moment are 'Nail Customers'. I have a lovely space in the salon that I'll use as a beauty room. Just wondering, :rolleyes: does anyone know how to go about getting a trial period for stand-up sun-shower?

I was really wanting to test the water to see if it's popular enough to rent on a longer term.

My main questions are:

Has anyone got a firm to recommend and contact number?

Do sunshowers earn their money??? I haven't a clue how much they cost, but in my area, people can pay £1 for 3 minutes....what is the average rental for a sun-shower??

Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Jenny - Nails :)
Do a search on them and see what comes up. Tanning is popular, but you may be best off with the spray tanning. I used to work in a tanning Studio and many people would have preferred this as it doesn't have risks.

I chose Spray tanning, for one because it works out cheaper. I think you're looking at a couple of grand for a sunbed, and that if you get a reconditioned unit! I can't remember exactly how it works to be honest, but like I say, do a search on here because we have probably discussed it somewhere before and it might have the right info for you.

Victoria x

There's a company called epcot leisure who do sunshowers on a profit share basis. Its coin opperated da same & they take a share of da profit.
They also maintain its upkeep. :) Sorry carnt find a number for them but if i cum a x it ill let u know :)
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