Not able to have extensions in naturally red, curly hair?


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Jun 30, 2008
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Hi all, im a beauty geek but own a salon. My senior stylist went on a hair extension course today. I was going to be her first model as thought would be a good advert fir the salon. Going from ear length to shoulder length. But she was told my hair probably couldn't have extensions done. Can anyone advise why? My hair is naturally red thick & curly. Which of these 3, or all of the above is the factor??? Thank you loads for any help :)
Thick is not a problem, natural red is hard to match but not impossible, do you wear your hair straight or curly, if curly it will be difficult to get hair to match the curl, also sounds if your hair is borderline to short :)

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Hiya, I wear it curly as tbh with 2 kids around I'm lucky to slap on my make up & defrizz my hair in the morning, let alone straighten it, as when used to straigten pre kids had to do every day to remove any kinks!
Thank you for your help :)
You would probably have to get sample for all the suppliers you can find that to curly hair :)

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I would have said the same, it will be difficult to blend the colour and the curl but not impossible! :) also if you can get your hair in a bobble its not too short but your hair sounds to be on the border line (going off your description!) balmain do a selection of different curls... Although balmain extensions are very expensive! :) xxx

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