Not enough solution used? Tan too light?


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Sep 12, 2011
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Hey everyone,

I use Sienna X and love it! However the last couple of times i have used the solution (taught my mum to spray) the results are rubbish i'm not tanned at all.

I know i'm never going to get a great tan as i'm really pale but i know i can get a better tan as i have done in the past!

Could it be that i'm not using enough solution? But surely if the colour guide is on me and its even then the tan should develop no matter how "thick" the coat is?

Also does it matter how fast you spray?

I've not had any complaints from my clients but this is worrying me and i would like some advice from you lovely professionals!

THank you

Tina x
I sampled Sienna x on four people and all of them were white the next day! (thread on here). Lots of ladies on here seem to use it but there are quite a few complaints about the colour not lasting and appearing to wash off the next day. I was told by Sienna x that if I double sprayed it would make the colour come off! Don't really know what else to say about it x
thanks hun its so hard i know Sienna x cancgive fantastic results just not on me at the minute :(
If you do not apply enough solution then the results will be that the tan is too light as there is not enough DHA on the skin. You should be aiming to use 40/50ml of solution per client to get the colour result the percent should give (hope that makes sense).

If you spray 1 coat of 25ml then you will get little or no tan, if you apply 2 coats of 25ml (so using 50ml in total) then you will get a tan of the correct colour for the percent solution your using.

If you spray 1 coat of 50ml you will get a good tan, doing 2 coats of 50ml (so using 100ml in total) should mean your tan is no darker than the tan achieved by doing a tan with 50ml as the skin can only absorb a certain amount of DHA and any extra applied is just wasted solution (& money).
I'm a bit confused with the info on Sienna I have using with good results ! But every single clients says to me the want a double spray as guide colour pale , therefore I dble spray them to keep happy a few have said happy but rather pale compared to other brands

Thinking of changing brands yet I love the marketing behind Sienna X:sad:
After reading loads of threads on here, I think I'm going to give Nouvatan a whirl!
I didn't get on with sienna x for one reason and another so now use suntana and i love it xx

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I didn't get on with sienna x for one reason and another so now use suntana and i love it xx

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Hi I've just sampled suntana love the color of the 8 and 10 the only problem was the guide for the light was very light .can't wait to try the darker ones trying to find a willing model
Ps they smell so good as well

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