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Jul 2, 2007
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Isle of Man
Hi all

I had been using NSI simplicite until recently and not had a problem with lifting, but I have gone onto Attraction and they seem to be lifting - any ideas? Is the prep different with attraction?

Opinions would be appreciated

This is what I do.

Santize spray.
Cuticle remover and push back cuticles, wipe with nail pure plus to remove cuticle remover.
Exfoliate nail plate with 180/240 black file, to remove shine and shape free edge. use plush brush to remove debris.
I use a cuticle stone at this point to ensure that no non living tissue is left on the nails.
Scrub with lint free wipe and nail pure plus for min 5 secs per nail, getting right around the edges.
(Optional) Brush on Nail pure
Apply primer.
This is what I do.

Scrub with lint free wipe and nail pure plus for min 5 secs per nail, getting right around the edges.
(Optional) Brush on Nail pure
Apply primer.

actually you are to use nail pure first than nail pure plus if you are double dehydrating. Nail pure plus leaves anti-microbial (sp) agents on the nail. If you use nail pure after nail pure plus you will remove the anti-microbial agents.


You might be experencing problems until you get used to using a new product. All products are different and it will take a few uses until you get a feel for the product. Are you using attraction liquid with attraction powders or are you using attraction liquid with the speed/classic powders? When using attraction l&p pick up your bead and let the liquid absorb into the powder place the bead and count to 3 before you start to work it. Attraction should be a medium wet mix. If you are still having problems contact your local distributor and request a demo.

thanks for your replies.

I believe I am doing all the prep right so maybe it is my consistancy. I am using Attraction powders with the Attraction Liquid - thanks for the tip on 3 seconds I will try it. I do find that I am having trouble working the acrylic as it seems to dry so much quicker than simplicite - so maybe i do have it too dry.

Unfortunately, I am in the isle of man and there is no reps over here, it would be great to have a demo.
With Attraction the ratio is a little wetter than simplicite so use a 2:2 ratio. Once you get the hang of it though you'll love it honest!! Also brush size can be a factor I changed to a kolinsky size 8 with the attraction as it holds more liquid as found with a 6 there wasn't enough liquid pick up!! HTH :)

NSI has just come out with a educational DVD I know it is available here in Canada but not sure about the UK call your distributor and ask about it. It covers Attraction, Balance, and Nail Art. It is an amazing dvd!!

Thanks for that SC I will enquire about it.
please let us know how you get on with finding out about the dvd larnie as im sure there are many geeks on here that would love to be able to get one when it comes out.thanks
Yeh if you here about the dvd please let us know!! :)
I am sure i got a dvd.... gonna look and get back to you all.... x

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