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Feb 11, 2016
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Hi I just want to know if nsi gels ate a good brand of gels. I am a new nail tech n this is all I have used so far. I have one client who's nails have chipped or peeled off twice so far my prep is good, I don't know what I'm doing wrong, I use it on myself n another client with no issues, I haven't done gels or acrylics long enough to figure out my problem, any input would be great
Yes nsi is a very reputable brand. Did you train with them?
Yes nsi is a very reputable brand. Did you train with them?
No they have classes coming in march so I'm going to be sure to go. I'm very new to gels n acrylics. Fresh out of school. N when I come across issues I'm having I have to just search the web for answers which led me to here. Some days I get so mad n want to just stop doing gels n acrylics, but then I think I've only been doing them since Aug. I don't think I'm terrible but I do take awhile to do both gels n acrylics. I'm hoping my speed speeds up. But I don't know how to speed up prep I think that takes me the most time no everything takes me long. I did a gel fill today n that took an hr. N a acrylic fill with gel polish n that took me 1 1/2

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