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Nov 5, 2011
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I am hoping someone can help me, I desperately want to do glitter fingers with gel and am not sure how to do this.

I use NSI products and I believe that I need to mix gel with glitter, however, when I tried this is looked ridiculous, and not as dense as it should have looked.

Where am I going wrong?

Any advice would be so appreciated.

Anyone pleaseeeeeeeeeee
Are you doing them with the hard gel or the soak off? I would think that you would press the glitter in rather than mix it in the gel, or maybe you need to do a higher glitter to gel ratio.... :)
hi, i use nsi gels and when doing glitter i do

base & cure
builder & cure
dip the sticky gel dispersion layer into the glitter pot so it covers the whole nail and tap off the excess (onto paper then you can save and put back the excess!)
use a seperate top coat (only use this top coat for glitter).

P.S there are other ways if you search rockstar on here you'll find more comments !
Thank you so much for your reply will give it a go xx
let me know how you get on kelson :) x
I use nsi gel for Hollywood toes and only have one of their glitter (opal shimmer) and i pick up my gel and dip it into the glitter then apply and cure :)
Vicki :) xx
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