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Sep 26, 2016
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Hi! I’ve been trying to do chrome nail art (I can do all over chrome no problem!) when I try and do fancy lines etc I cannot get the hang of it! I’ve tried alcohol wipe over top coat, adding top coat to the black gel Polish, matte top coat, filling the nail back so it’s buff and I can get the chrome to stay on the art but when I try rub off the excess chrome around it, I either take it all off or it stays where it shouldn’t be. I’ve used my finger to put chrome on, a makeup sponge thing and a rubber chrome tool. Any help would be appreciated xxx
How are you trying to remove the excess? A soft brush is the best method and use a little chrome pigment as possible
I do my base colour. Matte topcoat. Wipe with IPA. Buff with a buffing block (I've used 100, 180, 240 grit before). Dust off but don't wipe with any liquids. Draw details with Nails Luxe black gel paint. Chrome with an eyeshadow applicator. Use a soft brush to dust off. Topcoat x

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