nsi-lifting from nail tip?


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Jun 15, 2007
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Evening all.I have been trying a new gel,i used to use IBD but wasnt happy with it,just little niggles.I tried NSI gel it was great to work with,but 2 days on the gel is lifting from the tip?I caped it but its liffting from the tip like it not sticking to it.There is no sign of liffting on the nail plate.Is It me,tip brand (the Edge) or ?Has any one else had this problem? All i was is a good relaiable system is that too much to ask?:rolleyes:
hi hun...i use nsi and find it brill...i dont do gel though...just thought i would say...do you buff the tip before you apply the gel....you must alsways do that with the tip other wise it will not stick xx
yep it buffed tip & wiped it with dehydrater to remove dust.
yep it buffed tip & wiped it with dehydrater to remove dust.

I don't use NSi but could it be that you wiped the tip with dehydrater? Some dehydrators should never be used on false tips as they can weaken them (some of them contain a small amount of acetone). Try not wiping the tip but just brush away the dust and give NSI a call, I am sure they would help.

No need to use a dehydrator on a nail tip :)
Ive allways wiped the whole nail & tip after i have buffed the nail&tip?

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