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Sep 7, 2007
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Cottingley, Bradford, West Yorkshire
which course is the bettter of the two?

all help and advice appreciated
Great question for your first post! Welcome to Salon Geek.:hug:
I notice from your profile that you are already qualified, so am assuming you are looking to do a conversion to either NSI or Creative.

I'm an NSI technician, but... that doesn't mean i prefer them to Creative. They are both leaders in the field, so my advice would be to research both courses, because there are differences. Training centres/availability was also a factor for me. See which best fits your individual requirements.

Good luck

Lisa x

I trained with creative and also 7 years ago did a converstion course to NSI that didnt mean one was better than the other. It just ment that I was nosy and wanted to see what else was on offer.:lol:

Now I have the best of both worlds as I use what is right for me and my clients from both of them.

I must say this in all honesty and it is in my opinion NSI at hillington has the best aftercare and follow up service in the nail industry business in Glasgow. :)

So do your homework and see what they both have to offer and which would benefit both you and your clients

Happy hunting

kind regards Catherine
so what is it you are looking for product and trainning? you are alllready nsi what motivates you to change?
which course is the bettter of the two?

all help and advice appreciated

Hi there to you all
Yes I am already qualified, but not with either creative or nsi and I am wanting to do a conversion course for the benefit of my own curiosity and also to benefit my mobile nail service to incorporate nail art.

After reading these threads and your kind advice I have phoned each company for course advice, course structure and I am now awaiting their trial kits, which is a graet idea to try on my customers for there advice so as not to loose any of my client base and also do what is right by the customers.

I posted this thread as I was un aware of nsi before using the internet to research the courses and then became confused as there was so many and the information on the websites for Creative and nsi bothed seemed to be great courses and use great products.


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