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Aug 18, 2013
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Hey... Have a few problems which are totally knocking my confidence.

I have been using the NSI polish pro however even after three layers of colour, the colour is still coming off on the cleansing wipe which isn't leaving a full block colour - some bits faded.

Has anyone else had this problem, if so, is there a solution or it is me?


Are you top coating before wiping? X
Ah no.... Is that the problem? I use the NSI brush on gloss - should that be okay rather than the pro polish top coat? Thanks for your help.
Ah no.... Is that the problem? I use the NSI brush on gloss - should that be okay rather than the pro polish top coat? Thanks for your help.

This is your problem, you must use the PP top coat with the PP colors.
You must always use the full system or you will not get good quality.

Have you had training? Who ever told you to use brush on gloss with the PP system?

I and many others use PP, I use the entire range and have done since it's launch and I can assure you it is a beautiful product, easy to remove and lasts the distance if used correctly.

You must use one of the base coats formulated to be used with PP colors (normal base coat, Base Coat Plus or Endure) then apply 2 color coats (I have not come across a color yet that requires 3 coats) and then one of the correct top coats (normal coat coat or the new Matte top coat).

Also ensure you are using a 36w 4 bulb uv light or if yu have the new formulation, you can use either a UV light or LED light but you must have the new formula in order to use the LED light.

Hope this helps.
I have had NSI gel extension training rather than pro polish training however it may be worth the investment.

I will invest in the pp top coat. I thought that may be one of the issues also.

This is what you get when you cut corners!

Thanks for all your help.
Have u checked the bulbs in your lamp x
Yes, bulbs are another contributor to this problem but the OP has said she is either not using a top coat or the correct one for this system, so this is clearly where the problem lays:)

This is a prime example of why you do not mix systems, even with in the same brand, a system is a system, it is made to work together and when someone just decides to do their own thing cause they think they better or think they know what they are doing, then it is usually the product that gets bagged out for being a problematic product, when in fact, it's the techs fault entirely, not the products fault at all.

If PP was made to be able to use any other kind of top coat, then when it was released it would have been said and no PP top coat would have been made to go with the colors, it is a system and it always needs to be used as one to get optimum results.

I forgot to say to the OP before, the Balance Brush on Gloss is a non soak off formula and is to be used with the Balance system and needs to be filed off for removal compared to PP top coat which is soak off.
If u are wiping before topcoat and it is then when you are noticing problems; then even though u need to use pp top coat it isn't down to your topcoat.

Are you using cleanse top wipe the tacky layer? Or another product

I'd suggest as others to use the full system. I use pp for Swarovski toes and have never had problems I use their full range of balance gels.

If it is only when you've top coated that u notice issues then ignore my post x
It's before I am putting on my topcoat that I notice it's not a full colour. I put the topcoat on without taking the tacky layer off on one of the nails and the colour was going straight onto the brush.

I have ordered a 36w lamp which will hopefully sort out the problems.

I haven't had any issues with any other NSI products so I believe it's something I'm doing rather than the products.
Is the lamp ur currently using not 36w?
Hope that sorts it my pp has always been fine in my 36w lamp...if it's patchy before topcoat sounds like not curing properly...I'm sure it will work out x
That's for all your help x

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