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Nov 13, 2015
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Hi. I am looking at doing some nail courses with nsi. Just wondering if anyone can advise me, if I do my training with nsi, can I only use nsi brand products to be covered by my insurance? Or can I use say cnd even though I've trained using nsi?

Sorry if this is a really stupid question. Can't find anything online about it.

You need to check with your insurance company. If you want to use CND products then why not train with CND? Every product is different and behaves differently so you'd be better to do a course with the products you intend to use. You could do a conversion course into another brand if you decided to move to a different brand :)
Thanks. The reason I'm asking is that where I live is very remote and there are no courses near where I live. I have to get either flights or ferry to get to any courses. Ideally I would like to train with cnd but Ive been waiting since November for course dates for this year and I'm still waiting to hear. I can get dates for training with nsi in February and I am needing to get the training done ASAP. I could also do training with gelish and belissima nails, but I thought cnd would be better. A beautician I know, who has a very successful business said if I was serious about training to go to nsi in Glasgow. Just wondered what the regulations were about using different brand products to what you've trained with x

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