NSS bar opened at top of street :(


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Mar 15, 2012
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A new nss bar has opened at the top of my street! I am very worried as I know people in my area tend
To go to these as I admit I used to before I knew the damage it was causing, although obviously not all do. How can I promote my nails to still gain custom? Xxxx
to be honest. after they have gone to the salon once they will remember or soon realise why they dont go to them any more and will most likely leave it to you to pick up the pieces aswell as having their custom in future cxx
They open everywhere! Down my end there's about 5 now all within a few doors from each other. Majority of these places' clientele are probably not what you'd want anyway. They're not loyal as their only after a bargain. They don't follow to aftercare advice. And they're so quick to blame you for any damages or problems. Those who genuinely are after quality nails will find their way to you, so don't even pay those types of places any attention.
You could 'educate' potential clients about NSS by setting up a page on your website, or posting a note on your Facebook page about the dangers of bad hygiene, harsh prep, cheap products, bad aftercare advice etc? Maybe include a news report off YouTube.

I'm not sure if any body in their right mind would go to a NSS if they did know and understand the risks, so it's your job to make sure they know :)

Also point out that you do a full consultation about their lifestyle in regards to their nails and you are on call for any questions afterwards... And anything else that a NSS wouldn't do.

You may actually get more clients that come to you to get their nails fixed, turn it into a positive!

Hth xxx
That's a great idea about putting a post on facebook will defo do that!! Thanks for the reassurance, your right about fixing the nails so maybe it's a positive!! Thanks xxx
I have wrote about the dangers and what i do, and posted that linkso will keep you posted on what happens, thanks so much !!

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