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Nov 11, 2003
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wonder if anyone could help me.

Want to improve my qualifications but it would mean travelling over to england to do my NVQ, which is fine but would prefer to do it all in one go.

Is there anywhere who could be sympathetic to my plight and know anywhere this can be done. :sunny:

Happy New Year to all!

my first message and no replies! aaaah feel sorry for me.

been on the site and love it. run a busy salon and want to improve my qualifications as i still feel intimidated by how much there is to learn out there. i do good pink and whites with tips but want improve on everything especially sculpting. all the courses i have enquired about in england run over weeks as you must do a beginner course first.

anybody with any advice it would be great. actually anyone just to reply would be good!! just so i don't have the number 0 on the bored!!

Hi, Sorry that you didnt get a reply :?
I am not sure about the NVQ 19 over here. But lots of companies offer
short courses to improve or learn more techniques.
I know that creative run conversion courses and master classes.
Hopefully if Sam, Samantha, Geeg or Ruth see this posting, I am sure they can tell you alot more than i can. :D
Anyway welcome to the site and i am sure posting will pick up after the christmas hols.
This is creatives number for courses in Ireland.
> Dublin

Please call (01) 459 9199
thanks lesley that was lovely of you to reply!

had a private message from girl here in northern ireland with the same problem, so hopefully someone wil have some info soon.

ta again.

Right babe, sorry it took so long to reply.....but we are all still in the after schocks of huge alcohol consumption following the new year party's........

First things first, which systems are on your resume? What are your strong points ? Which areas do you feel need improving ???

But here is a link to the K-Sa-Ra site, there is some info on NVQ and what it entails.........

http://www.netnails.net/Unit 19 Info.htm

I am sure if you call Rachel Myatt on 0208 300 0860 , she will be more then pleased to help you.......lovely girl............bless her xxx

Now if you are Creative trained the answer is easy...........
Do some Master classes or some cool one to one training, this will get you updated on all the latest techniques and is the road to success in the nail bizz........
If not then as long as you have a certificate in L&P dated more then a year, and been a working Tech for that time, then a Creative Conversion Course is the answer...........

To get more info on that, try calling Ireland Dublin(01) 459 9199 the Creative Acadamy advisor for any course details.

You can also try your local colleges for info on NVQ in Nail Technology/Enhancements...............

The learning never stops, even the best Technicians in the world still take courses to update their skills, so never feel intimidated, just get the best training you can obtain, and you will be up there with the best of them................

just a few pointers
happy learning
thank you ruth for all the information, i really apreciate you getting back to me. i'm also jealous on how you know all this stuff! you must be so organised!

i've done nails for a long time, but ireland wouldn't be as advanced in technique like the uk. i was approched to educate with a company, but have always felt it was through lack of any other experienced nail techs around!

they taught me alot and i became confident in my acrylic and gel application but i would like to get into more advanced theory and know that i have improved myself.

i will definetely go on more training courses i'm heading over to belgium next month to sit with a girl i meet at the big germany nail and beauty show last year, but really feel that i should have my nvq19 by now.

thanks again for your help

Hello Amber,

You could try speaking to Robert Flanagan of Nails & Beauty here in Dublin. We were talking the other day and he mentioned that his wife, Louisa is an NVQ Assessor and that they are trying to get the NVQ up and running over here too. I'm not sure just how far they have got with this but it's certainly worth asking him about it, and Dublin is a lot closer than the UK. If you're interested, send me a PM and I'll give you his number. He and Louisa are really nice people, so enthusiastic about nails and will go out of their way to help you. And tell him Jackie told you about him! I run his airbrushing courses and never refuse the chance of extra 'Brownie Points'. :D


thanks for that jackie, thought southern ireland would have a different qualification than an nvq.

will get in touch with robert, actually know him quite well used to work for him! nice guy.

let me know about your airbrushing course though, did one 2 years ago but didn't have the time to practise as much as was needed, too busy getting my salon up and running and found 24 hours in the day was just not enough!

now have the time and would love to do a refresher course, also great excuse to have another mad weekend in the fair city. love it!

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