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Jan 13, 2004
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I am confused! I have been a quailfied manicurist for a year and i've been thinking about training in fake nails (pink and White) but i was going to go to Creataive but I have been told that i need an NVQ and creative certifates are not vaild to work in Central London??? and the NVQ takes a year but i want to get a job before that. does anyone know about a fast track NVQ?? as i live in South London and i would like to work in Town, if anyone has a job, please let me know.

I know that you can sit your NVQ with Carlton institute in Windsor, basically you do a course with them over a day and then take away the relevant information and get to it, the quicker you can get the required people done the quicker you get to go back and sit your test.

They give you a sheet and you have to full fill it, basically making sure you have completed the full range of people, so one would say that you could do this over a couple of days if you could obatin enough models.

However I am still plodding through mine, although i would love to have completed it all by now and feel pretty confident, i am a great believer that taking time to study and learn is far better than rushing, there is a lot to take in and it isnt as easy as it all looks.

I was under the impression also that creative can help in obtaining an NVQ, maybe i am wrong but I am sure the girls and guys on here will put you straight on this. Good luck

Grace x
It would probably be quicker and better for you to source out one of the ANT satellite centres and do your NVQ assessments, rather than doing a college course. If you can find an intensive manufacturers course which suits your location to get some great grounding, then you will be better placed to do your NVQ assessments. Check out www.netnails.net which is K-Sa-ra's website, there is a lot of info on there about the NVQ and also www.designernails.com has lots of NVQ info.

Good luck, but don't be too impatient, everything comes to those who wait LOL.
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