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Jul 31, 2006
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Coming up to the christmas party season.. I want to offer a party package for my clients who come to my home salon for spray tans & nails.

am doing a package for spray tan & acrylics, (£45 for both) but have been asked by some if i do just the temporary stick on nails (i think some call them occasional nails) too, & maybe just do a bit of nail art or rhinestones on them for clients who dont want acrylics & are on a lower budget. ie spray tan & occasional nails for £25/£30. Ive seen a few local salons have advertised such nails.

Ive had a look on ebay just briefly tonight & see you can buy the full nails on there in clear, natural, white & colours like black and pink.

Does anybody offer these occasional nails(& if this is the correct name for them please tell me!) if so could you give me some advice, ie what colours to buy..is it best just to buy natural colour & if client want french white tip just do a french polish on them?
also there isnt anything i should be doing other than a bit of nail prep, glueing filing is there?

Any advice would be appreciated as want to check that there isnt anything i should know re these before i offer them to my clients (probably be young students etc getting these).

thanks a million

The first thing you shouldn't be doing as a nail tech is offering stick on nails, these are not what we call occasional nails, stick on nails really wreck the natural nail hun and are not in the least bit professional,
occasional nails are
you apply the tip, blend it, give it some strength by applying a layer of resin and paint with enamel hth
Thanks for that louise, as i say i was never taught on my course what occasional nails were & had assumed they were full stick on nails which i hate..but if clients are asking for them....?

ok i think i'm going to offer occasional nails, but need a bit more info re the application resin....? never used or came across this term...im sorry if i sound really dumb here but could you explain what this is,perhaps i have it & using it but call it something else....
sorry...im a newbie tech!)
OK hun, i have had a look at your profile and you say you get your stock from Sally's,
Sally's sell resin, it is usually used for fabric or silk wraps
don't apologise for asking a question hun this is how we all learn, by asking so if you need to know anything you ask, there is always someone on here with the answer :hug:
oh is it the guaze type fabric used for those types of nails, our tudor did this briefly with us, but our main study was L & P...
Yes love that is it but you don't need to apply the fabric for occasional nails just the resin
Thanks a million louise- what would i do without this site ehh? I hadnt been on it in ages as had put my career in nails on the back burner for a few months, but now ive decided im going to put my all into it & working from home at evenings, in a friends tanning shop on saturdays (started today) & hope to be renting a salon & have given up my job in law by at least next summer. I see you did your first training the same time as me & look how far u've got! youve worked very hard. Ive done 2 courses already & going to do CND this month- just wish id have done my training with them to begin with & i could be were you are now owning your own salon...well done & thanks for your advice.

Im so dedicated to nails now i dont even go out on a saturday night & spend it sitting in on this forum,... i hope its worth it lol!!!!

You are more than welcome hun,
i spend loads of time on here and have learnt shed loads from the site, with out this site i would not be where i am today,
so yes staying in on a Saturday night to be here is well worth it.
Good luck with your future in nails and i hope you do well when you get your salon hun :hug:

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