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Dec 12, 2005
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At the seaside in north yorkshire
Hi guys just wanted to pick your minds. In our salon (hair/nails/beauty) our beautian is a bit on the quiet side. the hair and nails r really busy. Just wondered if u have done any certain offers that brought the people in she does all different treatments (not nail extensions or shellac nail girl does them lol) or even new treatments we could offer. Thank u xxx
Spray tanning is always a good offer if she does that! As it's a popular treatment and a cheap, quick treatment to carry out!
Yeah we do Lauren's way tan x
hi, where i work is a hair and beauty salon, we have started doing packages for clients, at a much cheaper price and then able to retail too.
as an example, bck msg, mini facial and blow dry, it got some of our hair clients to try out beauty and visa versa, and then if its much cheaper its then easier to retail too.
Yeah we do Lauren's way tan x

I would definitely do an offer on tanning then hun, should draw a few ladies in! Maybe do a package I.e. manicure and tanning!
Or do an offer on tanning and once they are through the door say you're doing a special offer that if they book an appoibtment for another treatment on the day they get 10% (example %) off the chosen treatment.

Hope i explained myself right (i know what i mean in my head! Lol)
Just an idea! :) xxx

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