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Feb 18, 2003
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gran canaria and skegness
:( i can't make the olympia show as flights are to expensive but i am planning on visiting about sep or oct time.are there any shows then.please inform me.i feel as though i will need to work hard now and make lots of money because i think i'll spend a lot of money.i have never been before to anything like this so i am already exited.......will many of you be at the next one.we will have to meet up.....i'm going to see if my teacher would come too....i hope you all have a good time at this one and please write in and let me know whats new and all......
If you come Sept there is the huge ExCeL Show in London and if you come Oct there is GMEX in Manchester - email me to find out dates to [email protected] Hope this helps ;)
will you and mr geek be there.i'll have to have a picture taken if so..i will have one of my fab teacher in the salon and then hopefully you two as well and any one that is big in the creative team.i think it will look cool having these framed and up in the salonxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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