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Oct 29, 2003
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Poole, Dorset
Hi all,
Just wondering how one goes about obtaining tickets for the olympia show in london, and the cost of the tickets.

I would prefer to drive down as i live in Dorset, but wondered what parking was like and the cost of this?

Any information would be gratefully appreciated.

Grace x
Hi Grace...
I sent for two tickets via 'the professional nails' mag but i haven't recieved them yet.
You don't have to pay for the tickets just need to get in touch with them to request some.
I am in Winchester and not sure how i am getting there yet...maybe train. What day are you going?
check out their web site, it`ll give you everything you need to know. Car parking can be pre-booked, and trust me its probably better that way. I always go down on a Sunday and once or twice I`ve parked in the streets which you don`t pay for on a Sunday
Hey thanks i will check it out, I realy wanted to go on sunday but I think if I have the dates correct its mothers day, I don;t actually have a mother so makes no odds to me but my best bud lost hers only a few months ago and it will be her first mothers day with out a mum so she needs loads of support. Oh and of course I am a mummy so my little man will probably want to be with me.

Anyway I am chattering on off the subject, right so what day well i don't know really which day is best?, Hmm yes parking I would prefer to drive myself down, so pre booking a space would be just so cool, I am going to check it all out now thanks.

Grace x
Ok I have had a look and think i have managed to book a ticket, call me stupid but it all seems a bit weird to me, how do I request a ticket for my friend, as I do not fancy a trip alone?

Also I was unable to find the information about parking, yes I must be thick could someone explain it to me like I am a three year old please, I think it is the only way I will comprehend it all.

Blimy I am daft.

Grace x
All the tickets admit 2, just fill in the spaces on the ticket with both your names
Hi Grace,

When you get your tickets all the info about travel and parking is on them but so you know:

They do a park and ride, £3.50 Sunday and Mon/Tues depends how long you stay - could be up to £9.50 for 4-6 hrs! No need to book this.
On Sunday free parking on MOST single yellow lines in streets surrounding Olympia, on other days get ticket from machines - about £1.50 per hour
Park on site at Olympia £15 for the whole day but you need to book in advance 0871 871 9809


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