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Sep 19, 2008
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east sussex
Hi I'm wanting to get this look for my sister!image-number=20

She is a base 6/7 natural with goldwell 6rb on faded its quite red. I'm in college at the moment and want to do this on Tuesday for a bit of a challenge. I'm ok with picking the colours I'm going to use. But I don't what a straight line. Should I back comb in the pics I look at application seems quite random longer blonde bits than others how do I get this. I'm planing on bleaching the mid lengths and ends first then tint. I want more of a gradual get lighter and lighter not to obvious as she's still in school but with only 20 days left! do I apply different bases to the mid lengths to ends.

Sorry if that confusing thank for any advice. X x x x
It's the 4th pic I like. X
Does know one know. If you guys dont know thwn my teacher prob wont. X

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I did something similar last week. I base coloured it all over. then washed and dried it really roughly. then I scrunched in bleach and 10 vol, where I wanted it lighter. Some bits I picked out and free handed a little more bleach for more of a streak, then let it lift to target shade. It was lovely (even if I do say so myslef :wink2: xx
What do u mean by scrunched. As in put bleach in hand ans scrunched in as you would a mouse for curls. X

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Hey there! This is what I would call a root stretch technique or some say ballyage , everybody interprets this in a way they find easiest, I usually first apply base colour to roots , section the hair into 4 ( hot cross bun) , work diagonal slices up each section either weaving or leaving as a slice , using easy meche , apply bleach to mid lengths and ends and smudging into root colour, you can backcomb the mid band if you find it easier, as I get to the sections at the top of the head i use a fine weave to soften the look , make sure you work upto an equal point on each section , you can tone the ends if required to soften further , hope this helps , as I said everybody masters this their own way !

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