One year anniversary, where should I be?

After taking redundancy I re-trained and now offer Swedish, Hot Stones, Bamboo, Pregnancy Massage as well as Holistic facials from my home salon. I now have a job which I love and offers me the flexibility to fit it round family life, but I do also need to ensure it will work financially, and this is the bit I don't know how to measure.

I started with zero clients as I went straight from training to self-employed, so I expected year 1 to be very hard and have set myself 3 years to build up my client base and reflect at that point if I need a plan B. I've been open one year and I'm now looking back at the goals I set myself when I opened my business and am also setting my goals for year 2. In a typical month I perform 20-25 treatments. I currently have 15 clients who come every month, plus clients who come once every 2-3 months. Do you think this is poor, fair or good for my first year? I don't really know what numbers I should be aiming for?

For my second year I would like to build up to 20 regular monthly clients and perform 25-30 treatments a month.

If anyone who is home based could give me any advice, it would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance x
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