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Oct 19, 2003
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Before I begin, I must apologise in advance if I have made a spelling mistake!

Any advice would be greatly appreciated on the following:

I have a client who came to me with 'acrylic' nails already on (done by someone else)...and onycholisis on/in her thumb nail.

She has been coming to me for about 5 months now, and visits every 2 weeks.

I have explained to my client what onycholysis is and the triggers for it. I keep her nail short, and keep an eye on the matter.

I have recommended she wears rubber gloves, NEVER digs down her nail to 'try and clean it out', and adheres to strict 'hand hygiene'....but she continues to ignore my advice and the last time I saw her, I thought the nail looked a little worse, looking very pale (whiteish) in colour and a hint of green in areas!

My client works with food all day, mainly fried foods...and says she cannot get on with wearing gloves for cooking and pot washing..so without trying to sound too gross....she does have ...erm...food stuff around her eponychium.hyponichium areas.

I have been advised to cut back the ofending nail to expose the underneath bit that isn't attached, and this will help it grow back. I'm apprehensive about doing this, plus, my client is adamant that she does not want this.

I'm torn between what I should do as a technician, respecting my client's wishes...and what to do as a technician, respecting the interests of the natural nail!

Please give any info you think I would find helpful/useful.

Many thanks in advance

Hi JENNY - You have posted this same message in Chat and answered it there!! Cheers ;)
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