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Jan 10, 2003
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hi all

can anybody give me some help on what the main things are when opening a salon i have the chance to rent a small shop and i am trying to work out costs there is no need for decorating as it has just been done and has had a laminate floor put down.

i need to know things like what insurance i will need, ventilation and so on any help would be good


:D Hi there as a new comer i thought i would put something on !
Well the main things you need to sort out is what your outgoings are gonna be (electric, water etc). As for ventilation you need to keep the shop cool, or you will run into problems as we did in the summer, working in a shop thats to hot we had to keep moving the chemicals around also apolagize to the clients who found it unbearable at times, at one point the shop reached such a high tempreture that the VARNISH REMOVERand ACETONE bottles were expanding. Also you need to think about what systems you are using as the ACRYLIC system needs to be used in well ventilated areas.
Go round other salons and see what sort of things they use as it will give you a idea.
All the best Faye xXxX :D :D

thanks for the advice i will go and have a look at the other salons in my area to give me some idea's.

I have been working mobile for the last 3 years and going into a salon is totally different for me so thanks again
Some things to think about when opening a salon ...
Make sure there is easy parking available close to the salon - very important.
|Make sure there are other shops in the area that attract women?
Ask the local Health & safety office for advise - it can be very expensive later if you do not have the right set up.
Make sure you have adequate fire protection and insurance.
Extraction ventilation is key. If you install ventilation away from the working area, then make sure it is installed at floor level and not up high as all product vapours are heavier than air.
Metal bins are a must for all waste.
If you can afford a ventilated desk, make that it is your first piece of equipment - it will save you a lot of work in the end. Less dusting and cleaning and a nicer working environment. Better to spend your money in that direction than on other expensive fixtures and fittings.
Do your sums and calculate your outgoings against your 'conservative' incomings.
Just a few things to churn over there!! :D
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