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Jan 31, 2003
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Hi there
I want to start using opi polishes as well as retailing them. Does anyone have a list of the most popular colours. I would say about the top 20. the opi range is massive and as I have quite a small little set up with limited space I dont want to waste money on colours that are not that popular. Any advice would be appreciated.
Amanda :biggrin:
I use opi polishes and love them.

I have about 15 colours and love them all, however only about 5% of my customers have colours as most like to have the pink and whites on show.
I started with about 5 and as I got to know my customers taste I chose according to what I thought they would go for(I find the customer feels really special when they realise u pick it with them in mind!).

It's hard to advise but the browner shades(pale) I find to b popular cause my customers seem to think that they go with all their clothes.

Have u been on the web site u can change the colour on the girls hand to have a pre view.
Why not give them a buzz and ask them their top 20 selling colours. I am sure they would be happy to help.

If you do get the details, make sure you post them for future users.
Hi amanda

I use and retail opi and they are great polishes - but beware, with Lena white there is a minimum order value and P&P is very high. As a "small little set up" you may find it more economical to use a local cash and carry - I do now and then.

Watch out for the seasonal colours - the latest is greek islands - great colours but you will not be able to get them all the time. The classic collection stays around a long time and with 'classics' (hence the name) you would think you can't go wrong, right? wrong - I love opi they are good quality, they stay on well, and they have some great names but do not rely on the printed colour chart, it is not a very good guide - see the colour in the flesh then make up your mind.

And finally to answer your question my favs are......

Berry berry broadway
tutti fruity tonga
wyatt erple purple
all rose lead to rome
big apple red - My clients and I call this tart red

and that is all I can remember off the top of my head but I suggest you check them out at olympia.

well that is just my opinion for what it is worth

Happy choosing

just a thought but the range of polish that we stock, what we do is if a client is having her nails done when she purchases one we polish her nails foc with her polish. We dont have a huge ammount for salon use now as this works well. We charge £8.50 for a the bottle of polish and £3 for the service so they are getting £3 off their polish in a round about way. Helps to encourage retail sales and you dont end up with loads of polish laying around.
Sorry that turned into a ramble hope it made sense. lol
Hi Amanda

I work p/t in a hair & beauty wholesalers. We stock OPI, and off the top of my head the most popular colours are:

Bogota Blackberry
Kinky In Helsinki
Pompeii Purple (my favourite!!)
Romeo & Joliet
I'm Not Really A Waitress
La Bohemme
Jewel Of India
Russian To A Party
Bubble Bath
Big Apple Red
Sweet Heart (I'm not sure if this one has been discontinued)
Alpine Snow

If I think of anymore I'll let you know !!

Most of these colours are deep reds, browns and purples. Bubble Bath & Sweet Heart are very pale pinks often used for french manicures with Alpine Snow which, as the name suggests is pure white !

Pompeii Purple is a Cerise pink with a gorgeous purple sheen to it, very popular during the summer months !

Hope this info is of use to you.

Thanx Sassy x
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