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Sep 14, 2006
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Hi, has anyone else noticed the difference in the OPI polishes or is it just me? I went and bought 3 new colours - one being white for french polish but have noticed all of them seem to be very watery. I tried the white out on myself and its so watery that it was difficult to get a good, solid tip.
At first i just thought there was something wrong with the polish but when i noticed all 3 are like it its made me wonder if OPI have changed anything in the polish?
Personally im not sure if i like it - im going to have to use them on myself a bit more before i use them for clients!
i had this problem too with the alpine snow, was very watery, infact a bit blobbed on my hand when i was painting! however i haven't had any problems with any other colours....strange isnt it!?
Hi, thanks for your reply! It is strange, i was thinking of trying to contact OPI to ask them if there is any reason for it? Or do you think the wholesaler might be able to help? The white that i have is called funny bunny. I havent used it before, i had the alpine snow before that (bought it a while ago but it was fine).
I have a polish thinner for in case they start getting a little thick but you cant thicken them up yourself can you!

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