Opinions on beauty salons within shopping centres


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Jul 26, 2011
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I'm talking, nail bars, brow bars etc.

Ive been thinking a lot over the last few days about how everyone always wants an appointment today, or now.

Do you think in this day and age people don't plan their time?

We get quite a few appointments because people want it now, we are only building our client base and can accommodate a lot of last minute appointments.

I was think more about a salon in a shopping centre, on a high street with glass front etc offering treatments for shoppers.

Beauty on the go kinda thing - brows, mani's, pedi's, Shellac. Maybe including a skincare bar (it would be tricky finding a brand which wouldn't mind being sold like that, that aren't already being sold like that lol) Not the luxury treatments or treatments which require more private surroundings. Things people might pop in and get off the cuff. With shelves stacked with retail products for the treatments that are on offer.do you think this is a business? Is there already something which offers all the services i mentioned already? Is this cheating the beauty industry? Or is it just keeping with the times? I think there is a place for beauty salons, and I think they will be here forever, I hope so I opened up my own salon in November! But I think there are people who would use the service of a walk in beauty bar.

Opinions please :)

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