Ordering CND Liquids and Powders.


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Sep 25, 2010
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Wellington, New Zealand
Hello lovely ladies.

I was hoping you might be able to help me.

I am a creative trained tech and have recently become employed by a clinic who uses only OPI products.

I have trialled with OPI's liquids and powders and just really, genuinely dislike them, so my employer has told me I am able to order in the Creative products and they company will pay for them...

Therein lies the dilemna - I'm not sure if I'm just completely hopeless, or whether there's a reason that I cannot for the life of me find an option to order product from the CND site.

I am registered as a trained tech with them, and have acccess to the professional products on the site, but as I said, I am unable to find how I order them..

Is there a reason for this? Or am I just hopeless?

Are there any alternative means of ordering CND products?

Many thanks in advance - And I'm unsure as to whether it has any bearing, but I'm located in New Zealand

I am making some assumptions here - if you are a trained CND tech - did you train in New Zealand? If so, can you not buy from where you trained?

If you look on the CND.com website do they not have supplier locations. I think the way CND works is that they have distributors worldwide and you need to buy from your local distributor.

Hope that helps.

ETA - details of NZ distributor

New Zealand Creative New Zealand
329 Trafalgar Square
Nelson, New Zealand 7001
Tel: 643.548.0315

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