Out of Africa. Have To Share This.


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Apr 24, 2005
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Hertforshire, England
YouTube - Dreaming

I am feeling quite tearful right now. 2 friends emailed this to me from Youtube.

I have watched the buffalo and elephant, drinking from the waterholes.
I have seen the mommy hippos wallowing with their babies in the water.
I have seen a school bus just like this one.
I have stared at the bare treetops reaching out above the surface of Lake
I have witnessed the beautiful sunsets just like this.

I feel quite homesick. If you love Africa, I know you will appreciate this :hug:.
Aaww........that is really beautiful thank you for posting it. It brought back some really good memories for me. I was in Kenya about 15 years ago, just for a holiday but it really was beautiful and we had such a brilliant time, some spent on the beach and some on a safari which really was the most fantastic part of the holiday..... and the most awful train journey I have ever had in my life into Nairobi, but that is a whole other story:eek::lol:

Sorry I can't help with the homesickness but sending you hugs :hug::hug: cos you put a smile on my face.
Thanks for sharing this Tracey . . . it brought tears to my eyes (and I've never been) but it is obviously a truly beautiful place; I can only imagine how this made you feel :hug:

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