Overactive thyroid?


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May 19, 2008
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Does anyone here have any experience on an overactive thyroid? I have just been diagnosed with it after having my baby. I haven't seen a specialist yet but will be soon. I was having lots of symptoms and had a blood test, results showed an overactive thyroid and it's putting strain on my heart. Also wondering if it effects periods?
I had post partum thyroiditis after the birth of my youngest, 11 years ago. It's started with a period of about 6 months of my thyroid being over active. I was advised that 9 times out of 10 it self corrects and your thyroid function returns to normal within a year of birth. I was the 1 in 10 who went on to be under active though and it's remained that way for years and will always be under now. So medication for life.

What has your gp advised?
Hi, I had half my thyroid removed last year and am under active. I know thyroid problems are pretty common post baby. You may need medication or it could correct itself. I hope your symptoms are not too bad! X
I feel like I have switched from having an overactive thyroid to an underactive thyroid, I'm suffering with extreme fatigue and feeling frozen all the time! Can't wait for my appointment in 2 weeks!
I'm not really sure what to do atm, I have an appointment with a specialist in 2 weeks but not sure if I should call my doctor tomorrow? I'm showing all the symptoms of being underactive now and not sure if it's safe to keep taking my medication for an overactive thyroid until I see the specialist?
I would call your dr, even if you just discuss it over the phone. If your thyroid is slowing or even reversing its function taking meds for over active wouldn't be wise. However they prob will want to do bloods to confirm levels of TSH.
I was right iv switched to under active now and have to stop my medication x

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