Overlay on damaged nails?


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Jul 18, 2007
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Hi i was just wondering if anyone could advise me, i have mentioned on this site before that i have managed to damage my own nails by overfiling them, they are now really weak and paper thin ouch! (By the way, i haven't damaged anyone else's, just my ownwith excessive practice).

Would anyone recommend doing a nno with l&P to keep them strong while they are growing out or would i be better off leaving them alone. I don't want to use Gel as i can't face having to file them any more they are too painfull.

I'm not sure why you don't want to use gel, when you say you don't want to file them anymore.
You would only have to file them off to remove them, but there's no more, nor any less filing with one or the other for regular maintenance.

However, if they are indeed that sensitive, then a heat-spike might be uncomfortable and that I could understand. But even that is avoidable with flash curing.

Any overlay is an option, but I find that with damaged nails, products dont' adhere very well and you might experience more lift than usual; thereby needing more filing than usual...
Of course, this depends on the extent of damage. With minimal, you "might" be ok, but it's hard to say.

Perhaps for the time being, leave well enough alone until the damage grows out?

I'm guessing that as your nails are quite damaged, you get a lot of lifting . . . thus a soak off being easier by way of replacing a nail.

Yes I'd give them a nno in l&p, this will protect while the damage grows out. I'd keep it thin, and leave a wider margin than usual around the cuticle.

Nothing worse than flimsy sore nails. I remember mine being like that in the beginning. I only trashed my own, like you. I suppose that is to our credit!! lol
You will more than likely have problems with the longevity of product due to the damage.

If you were a client then I would recommend a fibreglass overlay.
Thanks for the advice, i will put a L&P overlay on just so that i can get them to grow a bit as some of them are like little stumps lol.
ha ha this is what i have done aswell. i took my natural gel overlays off lastnight as they have been lifting a lot and i dont usually get lifting anymore..so anyway took everything off lastnight and they are so super sore and paper thin i was considering putting acrylic on them but think i will leave them alone...for now at least..:lol::smack:
well i have given mine a brreak for about three weeks and they are just keep breaking, i can actually see how much of the top layers i have taken off now as where they have grown at the cuticle they are much thicker.

I am going to put an acrylic overlay on some of them and maybe sculpt or tip the odd one that is really short today, as i need to do something to allow them to grow back. They look a right state lol.

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