Pamper parties - free cocktail/nibbles?


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Apr 17, 2012
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Burnham, Bucks

We are currently doing our pamper party menu. For adult pamper parties we are thinking of pricing as normal per treatment, the clients get exclusive use of the salon plus a cocktail and nibbles. Does that sound right to give the cocktail/nibbles for free, and would you suggest minimum number to be 4 or 6?

Thanks in advance!
That sounds great as long as you've done the maths and can figure it into the costing. I'd recommend doing the minimum number as low as possible (to still attract profit) and that way people will find it easier to get the numbers together. Eg personally I could get four girls together for say a get together but not six unless it was more of a special occasion xx
I agree with PixieBeauty.

As long as it fits within your cost then I think it's a brilliant idea!

Also, as she said, I wouldn't be able to get more than 4 girls to come with me. IF THAT even. Lol
We have 2 techs so not all 4 at once :) Thanks for your answers x
I remember the days that I was a client in nail salons and often refer to that when I think of new ideas for my own services.

If I would go somewhere with my girl friends and they wouldn't have enough staff on hand to service everyone at once, as long as they offered us a good seat, we didn't really mind. The point was that we were together and were getting pampered, even if it was 2 at a time rather than all at the same time.

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