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May 12, 2003
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Hi guys I'm back! (I've been on holiday :sunny: but I'll tell u about that on the chat board! :D )

What I am wondering is this, do any of you do Creative Pamper Parties?

The reason I am asking is because lots of places like 'Virgin Vie' etc hold these type of nights and I thought it would be an excellent way to sell products and get new customers. Especially as it is leading up to Christmas. :shocker:

The only thing I need is advice as to whether this would be a good idea, and if you yourself hold them, then what tips and advice can you give me, and what is the basic running of the evening? :study:

Any help would be greatly accepted.

Thank You
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Hi there,

Probably the best person to get advice from is Mrs Geek as she has a lot to do with Creative.

If anybody has any ideas then I would be really grateful.

Also I have seen that Creative have a nice Red in 'Hot of The Hue' this month, I was thinking maybe if I got a few of these then I could make up some nice gift bags to sell towards Christmas time.

What other things are nice to put in the Christmas offers? (I know we have a couple of months yet but I want to be prepared!) :D
I used to do manicure parties for Virgin Vie. I would demonstrate a basic manicure on the hostess and the guests would pair up and file and varnish each others nails, and gave hand massages to the guests etc and advise on home care. I would take quite a bit of stock for them to buy - files, enamels, scentsations, cucumber heel therapy etc etc. And maybe offer an incentive for guests booking a treatment with you. Maybe an idea to take along some pics of nail enhancements and nail art you have done.

I got in touch with girls that do Virgin and Body shop and I display there cards and catalogues in the salon in return for them giving my price lists out at their parties.
That helps a bit thank you, :D I'm just trying to gather as much info as I can. Does anybody else do anything like this, Ladies Nights etc?

I'm just back from my hols as well, i'm ignoring the ironing and catching up on the message boards wink

What you could do is a demonstration on the host, of either a manicure or pedicure, enthusing about the benefits as you go, and then sell the products you have used. Then wait for the bookings to come rolling in as well! I do nail art parties as well, I do mini manicures, basically a shape and paint with 1 or 2 fingers of nail art for £5, people queue up for those!

Hope that has been of some help

Sue x
i do ladies and kids parties... i do a mini mani (shape really as they normally have very short nails) polish and art on all fingers And they get a gift bag with mini polish/mini file/sweets in. for £5.95 (although this is going up in feb)

for ladies they have a mini manicure and polish and art if they want it again for 5.95 this again is going up in feb they get a bag with a hand cream satchet/mini file and polish remover wipe both bags have my price list in and a 10% discount vouicher
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