Paraffin Wax Facial Gauze


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KW Beauty

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Jul 16, 2009
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I cannot get any from any of the warehouses local to me. I am doing a luxury facial on wednesday and need it for then. All the websites I have been on cannot guarantee delivery by then. Is there anything else I can use instead or does anyone know where I can get some by Wednesday? I am at work until 8pm tonight and 6pm tomorrow so travelling is not an option. x
have to say its the first time i have heard of wax in a facial, intrigued i have been looking at the internet to learn about them and i see some gauzes for sale on ebay if thats any good to you xxx
me too, have just been digging through my old stock of beauty treasures,and came accross my paraffin treatment kit,tyhen i logged onto here,and saw this, must be a sign,lol
never heard of it being used for facials?
You can use gauze from your first aid kit, or you can get some from a chemist. I remember doing this at college and it is a good facial. Hope this helps
Have you tried Beauty Express? Even if they dont have it they are very good at getting products in for you...
I love doing paraffin wax treatments they are lovely & they get results:!: Clients who are aware of it love it too:!: Shame not many therapists do it, its very rare now, "I do it " :) let me know how you get on
i am interested in this type of facial, have you any idea where we can get training xx

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