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Jan 12, 2020
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I'm a mobile LVL Lash Lift Technician (nouveau trained) and really want to add on more services.

Can you recommend any other treatments that I can provide either as an add on, or as an alternative?

Because I'm mobile it would have to be something with not too much equipment especially as i currently travel via public transport (i was hoping to have my driving license/car last year but covid didn't allow for it).

i would like to do brows but am struggling with the idea of travelling around with a wax pot heater. I am also thinking about facials.

Finally, in terms of training who do you recommend? I don't want to do a cheap online £20 course where I receive a certificate but no knowledge or understanding - at the same time I wouldn't want to be so heavily out of pocket especially now when it is so uncertain when we can return to work.

Would appreciate any advice

Thanking in advance xx
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Have you considered express lashes? They use the same materials as semi permanent eyelashes except a different application method, the lashes are much quicker to apply however last up to two weeks and then must be removed rather than infilled.
Perhaps look at training in special occasion make up & lashes? Once weddings are up and running again, this can be quite a lucrative area as most brides want both false lashes and make up done on the day. Not too much stuff to carry either.

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