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Sep 14, 2013
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Hi just after a little advice, I am starting self employed this week and after reading threads about patch testing RefetoCil I seen that you were to patch test every time, I have just received delivery of my new refetoCil tint and it says on the packaging "patch test is advisable" dose this mean I can patch test the first time and then every 6 months?
Any advice would be great thanks for reading
I use refectocil and that is what I do. Insurance companies are worried by our sue happy nation so are understandably cautious. The problem with patch testing every time is that if people are having a tint every four to six weeks then you are exposing them to more tint and they are more likely to have a reaction as they are exposed twice every month rather than once. I would check with your insurance company first. A lot of companies say that you need to follow the manufacturers instructions and some say to patch test every time and some say every six months. So just check with your insurance company first.

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