patchy neck!!! help pls!!


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Jul 12, 2008
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west yorkshire
Hello all.

I am new to spray tanning and have been practicing my techniques on a few friends!! ( i have done the tantrick training course)

I have just received a text off my friend saying her neck is patchy and what can she do to get rid of it??

I did the tan nearly 2 weeks ago.

Please help, she wants another on Saturday because apart from this the tan was lovely!! she said she has exfoliated and moisturised. Is it something i have done???

Lucy xx:cry:
I'd say if she had the tan 2 weeks ago it's not something you have done if the tan has now gone a bit patchy, this can happen when the tan starts to fade.

Tell your friend to give the area a good scrub with an exfoliator and maybe try putting some baby oil or something similar on the skin, leave it for a while to soak into the tan and then wash off, this sometimes helps to get rid of stubborn patches of tan that remain.

I wonder if this is where she sprays her perfume every day? The essential oils in perfume can cause this reaction and they can also react in sunlight leaving the skin patchy!

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