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Feb 28, 2011
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Hello fellow geeks:)

I am trained to do manicures, done my training with fingertips centre. I never done any pedicure training and after enquiring about the pedicure course at the fingertips they advised me that they no longer do a pedicure course on its on which I am very dissapointed.

Am I able to carry out just a normal pedicure on clients with just a manicure certificate? Its just the same routine but on toes, and if I want to offer luxury manicures and pedicures I could always do a course?

Can anyone recommend a course in Edinburgh?

Nikki :) x
Hi there, I'm pretty sure you have to have a pedicure qualification to carry out pedi's on clients - the same as you do for mani's and any other treatment. I couldn't be 100% sure of that, but I can't imagine a manicure course would cover pedicures as there are some differences (other than the obvious of hands V's feet :p ) Check out the Beauty Concepts website, they do courses all over the country. Also, if you just want to do a "quick and basic" 1 day course to get you started, try The Beauty Academy (not sure if they cover Scotland, but worth checking). Good luck, xx
I'm in a similar position having a mani cert but no pedi. I checked with my insurers (ABT) and they confirmed that a pedi cert is required for insurance purposes.

I'm further north than you but am prepared to travel to do a course, the problem I've found is actually finding a pedi only course with good reviews. The Scottish Therapy ACademy (Glasgow and Edinburgh) offer a one day mani and pedi course which is accredited b y the Guild. I'm thinking of doing this but then that means I'll need to take out a separate insurance policy to cover my pedi's.
Yes thats what Im worried about is finding a decent training provider, also who just do a pedicure course and not a mani and pedi course combined. Very dissapointed that the fingertips centre now dont do just a pedicure course:(

Who did you do your manicure course?

Any other geeks out there with an input?

p.s does your insurance not cover pedi aswell? I would of thought if it covers manicures and other nail treatments that it would cover pedicure?

Im with salon gold for my insurance.
Just checked Beauty Concepts website and they do a pedi only course and have a training centre in Edinburgh. I don't know how much they are, but I've done training with them in Sutton Coldfield and they are really good (admitedly, I didn't do my pedi course with them, but their training I did do was great) x
I did my Manicure training with Astonishing nails who were great but do not have any pedicure courses in the diary for the foreseeable future.

Thanks for the info on Beauty Concepts I'll give them a call tomorrow.

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