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Jun 30, 2007
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Hello Brow Queen

sorry I did not reply for 2 days and my old thrad was deleted? I have no gain of selling anything or my services, If I had of replied and posted faster they would have seen this.

they though I was selling my services, I have no intention of this... here is the reply.

Hello again.
I first started getting into the business in 1993, I worked in the US for a cosmetic surgical company, and was researching scar repair and camouflage techniques, we looked at the various pigments and systems that were involved .
The fascination for me was the makeup side of thing, back then there was really no one doing it, some UK people say that they have been doing it for 15 odd years but to tell you the truth this is mainly marketing rubbish, except for a few coil and tap users who were around in England back then.
The systems were not around back then and I trained with a small local company, and worked with some of the best at the times who are still around now, and who I call good friends.
Dr Linda Dixon and Susan church were so far out in front back then, and I was lucky enough to have the training, during the late 90`s people started looking at better machines and I was invited to run testing on some of the first machines from the main manufacture in Germany (Medium-Tech).
I have used many Pigments from all over the world, PCI,LMP,Biotouch and lots more, if you get into the research side of things you will see that a lot of it is just fad marketing and a lot of companies just use rebadged products.
I have no affiliation to any company or product and choose a mix of what I like best. Over time you no what is good and what is, well not bad but just ok. I really like the retention of the Nouveau contour pigments; they are nice and thick and hold so well, turbo black just stays so stunning, they are my choice by far.
I also use the Nouveau Contour medical addition, although there are similar machines, the control, display are really nice plus its one sassy looking piece of kit. Working for long periods in the USA I get all my kit there.
Its totally different over there as in the UK people are really more tied to the trainer/system, and this is a shame in some ways as the new breed of technician may never try other things, but of course this is my own personal view.
I don’t want to go down the road of who invented the hairstroke, and that sort of thing, I am English and I know it was not done over here, but in the US, I also know that so many training companies/systems claim they were the first to do 3D hairstrokes, new people 1-5 years practice will just believe this.
As you can tell I do like the truth (possibly a little to honest) but there are so many average technicians out there and the ones that really stand out are hard to find, I have trained so many people and seen there work some time later and not seen real improvements. Please don’t think if the trainer is the best, so will everyone who they train be excellent, its just not the case. Also just because a company is in all the glossy mags don’t think they must be good and the trainer at the top is so good, there is a lot of really good PR work out there.
The main satisfaction for me is seeing my students that are really good. My other main buzz is the faces on some of my clients faces when they look in the mirror the first time, I am lucky enough to be able to put back into the business (I don’t expect new people to be able to do this) working with paramedical on a pro-bona basis.
I like to work on the really advanced techniques and this is my main core of work and training
I am not selling my services here, just giving advise(if it is wanted/or asked)
If there is anything anyone wants to ask Technical please feel free.
Hiya...................Phew!!! I thought for a minute I'd upset you. Give me time though and I'm sure I will. LOL.

Here's my tuppence worth. There are many fantastic trainers out there and I'm delighted to say that I've made several great e.mates and funnily enough, we ALL trained with different companies. We all support each other and we share what we know.

I trained with a brilliant company Finishing Touches and I attended the Nouveau Contour seminar last month. I was overwhelmed by the talent and friendliness of everyone there. Karen, Nilam, Bridgette to name but a few and their skill and knowledge blew me away.

I'm really excited that we've got a 'real' permanent make up expert on here so it's good to read ya. Don't go.

Oh, and by the way...........if you are selling anything............get me some cheap 4 Flats LOL.

Lots of love. Kim xxx

What part of the uk do you teach/practise or work?

I'm a big fan of Nouveau..i do the lashes(karen Betts Class) wow of a day that was.

I decided to train with Debra Robson-Lawrence
I have no complaints what so ever.
Debra was and is a real trooper, she has been so good with me, we just clicked.
It was intense hard work & alot to take in...but...she made me laugh and feel comfy.
I trained at her Harley St Clinic..that was a blast

I did lots of research when deciding on what company to choose, and NC was one of the few on my short list.
Debra's name just kept popping up and felt right at the time(and feels right for me now)

I have only been PMU tech for 18months
I have lots more to learn

I'm off to Vegas next summer and was interested in some quick tips while away
Just curious on how the USA do PMU

i have looked up Karla Twist, do you have any experience or have you met Karla.

I want live PMU DVD's..who does them?
I want PMU demo books like Pro Beauty Magazines etc

Any info on the above would be fab

P.S// THE BROW QUEEN there aint such thing as cheap 4flats(ha ha):lol:
Advanced Beauty Clinic - Warwickshire

poor and content is rich enough

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