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Oct 29, 2013
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Hi geeks

Just a curious question...

Now who has pets and runs their salon from home? How do you deal with that? Cats and dogs are the main ones I'm thinking about, as many people have allergies.
I have a dog and work from home.
I put him in his cage in the kitchen when a client comes and then i take them straight upstairs so they never see each other.
he doesnt have access to anywere upstairs just the downstairs so there allergies shouldnt act up as there should be no hairs etc xx
I have 3 dogs who are confined to living room and kitchen during waking hours and are not allowed access to my home salon at anytime. All my floors are hard (ie no carpets as I cant stand the smell of dog either) and cleaned thoroughly daily. They are not allowed in my home salon at anytime.
I have my gooochy wooochy, and she is a very fluffy black cat, shes not really allowed in the salon part, and doesnt go in there unless im on the computer, then she wants cuddle wuddles on my lap which is fine if i dont have my uniform on.

Few clients of mine are allergic, had a very funny allergic american lady in once when she was a kitten, I tried to keep Gucci out but she just miowed pittyfully, and so this american said 'oh I cant bear to have her miowing all the time, let her in and I'll just sneeze all day ' so she sat on my lap under the nail table while I did her nails :eek:

Now shes nearly 3 years old and I shut her in the kitchen if im on my own, but lots of clients want to see her and dont mind if shes around, but id rather concentrate on nails and not my pussy :)
I've got 3 cavalier king Charles spaniels and a Ragdoll cat. None of them are allowed in my home salon. The dogs are confined to a room in another part of the house when clients are in. The cat spends most of its time upstairs asleep. I also make sure I keep the outside of the house poop free and hosed down every day :)

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