Picking up Swarovski gems


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Mrs hardy

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Sep 23, 2015
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Hi how do you all pick up the crystals for placement, I'm using tweezers but they're pinging all over the place like ricocheting bullets before I can glue them on. Not very professional looking
I use a dotting tool with a tiny bit of normal top coat or gel polish top coat on the end to pick it up with and place on the nail x
I open shellac top coat and lay the lid and brush on my table. Then before each crystal pick up, I touch the end of a dotting tool onto the brush (just enough to pick up a sticky dot), then select my crystal by touching the top of it (not the underneath) with the dotting tool and it clings to the stickiness, then place onto the Shellac nail. Once all are placed, I cure, then top coat again and they don't budge.

I'm sure there are different ways but this is what works best for me. hope it helps X
You can also get special tools which are made to pick up the gems etc x
The easiest way is to stick a tiny blob of blue tack on the end of a cuticle stick and voila you have the perfect picking up tool that's cheap as chips :)
Stacy do they detach from the blue tac ok when you want to place them? I've never tried that. x
Stacy do they detach from the blue tac ok when you want to place them? I've never tried that. x
Yes they stick really well but also detach easily from the blue tac, so no more embarrassing pinging gems lol - try it out
I've got a tool it looks exactly like a pencil but instead of lead it's rubber it's brilliant cost me 99p like this x
I just use a white eyeliner pencil..works for me [emoji4] xx
I use the Krystal Katana. It's a wax tip so it never loses its 'stickiness'. I even use it for non-nail stuff like Hama Bead crafts.

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