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Victoria Thomas

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Aug 18, 2015
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Does anyone know of a good app where you can edit photos to add sparkle (like these?). I am prepared to pay as I have downloaded countless free ones for them not to work x
'PicsArt' is free and has loads of effects including sparking effects like this [emoji4]
'GIMP' is a fab free photo editor - with a really comprehensive set of editing features - not sure if it's available as an app for mobiles etc but it's great for desktop/laptop...I use it all the time and I'm still discovering new things to do with it...There's quite a few youtube tutorials on how to use its features to (if you tend to get stuck a lot with it like me :D ).
'PicsArt' is free and has loads of effects including sparking effects like this [emoji4]
I downloaded this after reading this but I can't find the sparkles! Can you point me in the right direction where to find them please :)
I was exactly the same - I also couldn't find sparkles on picsArt.....but if you download the free 'gimp(2)' photo editor you can add sparkles to a picture - you just open your picture and then go to the main top drop-down menu and select the one titled 'filters' then select 'light and shadow' and choose the 'supernova' option (I don't advise choosing the confusingly titled 'sparkles' option as it doesn't seem to work as you'd expect it to).....the 'supernova' option lets you add individual sparkles one at a time and adjust their size, colour, spikes etc.....I'd like to know as well with regards to the picsArt where the sparkles are ✨ - I can't find them either :)
I can't even see gimp (2) on the App Store?
No it's not an app - it's available for mac or windows - but not in app store....i downloaded mine from ninite.com :)
Oh I see....is there any apps which add the sparkle does anyone know?
Aillis has the sparkles you can add as stamps - can change the size and brightness of the sparkles!
I have one on my profile picture <<<
Available for free from App Store

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