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Feb 8, 2003
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launton near bicester,oxon
i have a client who as part of her job does a lot of washing up in a pub kitchen -using normal liquid- had put on tips and gel nails, and in about a week 4 had come off with most of the others lifting. i only do gel or silk wraps...can anybody recommend any advice or tips for me. many thanks
your best bet of the two will be gel as wraps will generally break down in solvents much faster.

Saying that... the key problem you should be having here would be curling, discolourisation, and breakages... not really lifting... :huh:

What do you do for prep?
Hi Jen

I too experienced alot of nails coming off when I first started with gel, at the time I was using a 1 phase system.
Since changing over to a 3 phase system with a thick viscosity builder gel my problems have dissappeared.
As the geek points out though it is prep that is the key with any system.
The clients I have now wearing the 3 phase gel are delighted with the fact that they have now grown off the tips and are into a natural nail overlay, seems to give them more time between infills, great for them, not so great for me, but they keep coming back and are happy.
I think you will also find with gel if you investigate, your client might be a picker, once they spot a tiny little defect they will not leave it alone until the whole lot is off. You must have heard it a million times - it just fell off -
Good luck and keep gelling
thanks for your replies.... i use lcn three phase and just cleanse the nail buff over it to take of surface shine... (as per lcn instructions)but i just read somewhere about a dehydrant....???
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