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Feb 16, 2012
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Hey just wondering what I would have to use to achieve this colour the clients hair is blonde (dyed) around a base 9 or 10. So I will just be doing the flashes of the coral orangey colour. But I have no idea what to use! I can get access to loreal wella Tigi fudge crazy colour and gold well just never for a colour like this before so would like some advice please. I mean to me it doesnt look copper more of like a coral


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I found a thread called peach colour someone said 8,3 and a blob of red.
or what about concentrate /43 .I would try a few shades on some blonde hair test pieces,or you could try a bit on your own if your blonde, i try colours on mine, underneath if i dont want it to show.The things we do for our clients,lol.x good luck.x:green:
Great thank you! I'll have a little search. Would you use 6%
Can u possibly send me the link I can't see it x
If your colouring over dyed blonde hair i would use 10 vol because you dont need any lift. You could also try crazy colour orange mixed with white conditioner to lighten it and apply that, i have seen this on salon geek(white conditioner mixed with crazy colour to get lighter shade.Fudge head paint also do a bright coppery shade ,if mixed with say a 10/0 it would be more subtle.
Yea I like the crazy colour idea. Just literally with a white conditioner?

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