Please help with LED lamp-been through the thread


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Sep 20, 2012
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South Africa
Hi everyone I have been through the last thread thoroughly and tried and done everything everyone has recommended. The Shellac is still not curing properly. I'm pooping myself. I'm in the middle of no where and can't send the lamp back. Anyone?
If you can't work out what it is that's wrong then I'd say the only option would be to send it back for testing x
There's not really anyone that will be able to help you with this as it sounds like it's a lamp issue - as above you'll need to return the lamp to get a replacement of it doesn't work x
I've had issues with my cnd led lamp too! Clients have been telling me there are not lasting as well and that they prefer me to use the uv lamp as they were getting a good 3 weeks wear no chips or peeling!
I didn't get on with the new LED lamp, sent it back & using the UV lamp again.
I have struggled with it too, and the right hand little finger light would get very warm over the finger, on the colour and top coat setting. But today it stopped working entirely. I am mobile and I was at a clients house for a double mother and daughter appointment. It was before I started applying shellac, and the mum had Vinylux instead but she has quite ridged nails so the coverage wasn't great. But the daughter is going on holiday in two days and said she wanted shellac so she was very disappointed. I was so mortified I gave the mum a good discount for the inconvenience. So I barely covered petrol. I will take a spare lamp just in case in future.
The LED lamp is still under warranty, but I am wondering whether to get a refund and go back to the uv.

I am not a happy bunny.
I have tried leaving it more time to cure in the led lamp but still not great results peeling off after a week and I have never had problems with shellac, nails lasting better now I'm back to my uv lamp
My client had terrible chipping after one week and I thought it was something I had done wrong, I'm wondering if it's the lamp now
Ok so my first client done has had no problems despite my worries. I will keep people updated.

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