Please help with price list, how did you make yours?


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Silk wonder

Mar 23, 2012
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Hello, really need more info? But here goes
Depends on your budget & quality of finish etc, mobile or salon, what kind of image of your business do you wish to project? ( not picture image but perspective)

If they will be kept by clients maybe spend a little more, get a printer to cost up for you, they will do layout etc. most hair companies offer a in house marketing printing( L' oreal, Wella)
A lot of beauty companies are doing this also.
If you are on a budget do it yourself? Ask suppliers if its okay to use images( most have copyright timings so be careful) then buy best quality paper and print some off a computer, it will start you off then maybe spend more more money on better ones later. Most of this expense will end up in someone' s rubbish bin pretty quickly! Why not even just do website/facebook with prices etc,, and save some tree's :)
Shout if you need more help

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