Please Introduce me a good Nail school in London!


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Sep 27, 2010
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Hi everyone, I have been looking for a nail school IN LONDON for me to become a qualified nail technician in this country!
I am from Japan, and I have finished some short courses in there but I want to get Qualified in the UK!!!
Ive been looking for some NVQ courses in Nail or some other Master diploma course and more,
but I am still not sure which is the right one to go for,,,,,
Any advice or comment are all welcome,
please give me some advice....

Thanks :):smack:
I think the best way forward is to research what brands/companies you are interested in first. There are several in and around London. :)
Have a look at the London College of Beauty Therapy.
They have some excellent nail courses
Thank you for the messeges!
actually I was looking at the London college of beauty therapy homepage the earlier!
and ask about the open day, because their requirements for the enrolling is quite complicated for me as a foreginer!! I have to do some home work to take part in the course i think,,,,some English test and Math test,,,,
and also I have to provide some referrences written in Japanese, which i dont know if they accept,, so i have just sent a e-mail about it!!!!

and also I WILL research brands/companies that i like from now!!

And one more Question,, NVQ course is not the only way to become a QUalified Nail tech in here,,, is it correct? some Private schools Certificate or Diploma also allow us to work in this coutry? we have to have some insurance to work , correct?

I REALLY REALLY want to become a nail tech in LONDON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks:hug:
THank YO
Yes with LCBT you will have to take a maths and english test, it's mainly to determine if you would need any extra help during the course. As for the references I believe you need one from your previous job or school (sorry don't know how old you are), these would probably have to be translated by a professional to be accepted. As for other nail courses just make sure that they are accredited by the beauty guild/babtac/habia before you sign up otherwise you cannot be insured. The website for the beauty guild has a list of courses and schools accredited by them.
Good luck!
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