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Jul 27, 2003
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Sawasdee ka

Have any tech try product polycrylic is by a company imc forze .

Thank you Mui from Thailand
Sorry Mui never heard of that product!
HI Mui

there have been 3 threads on this now..try doing a search on "forze" to see waht you come up with :)
Sawsdee ka

I have find a web site for it already and i think i want to know if any body try this already .

I want to know because is good to know about many things and they speak this not acrylic or gel but new tecnology for make nail and i want to know if is good or not if somebody speak to me about this product in Thailand .

Thank you mui from Thailand
Mandi said:
HI Mui

there have been 3 threads on this now..try doing a search on "forze" to see waht you come up with :)
Mandi sawasdee ka

Thank you for show me to threads i now read every thing and i know about polycrylic .

It is good to learn :)

Mui from Thailand
I,ve also been trying to find out about this product.
I saw it in a nail magazine sounded interesting rang to speak to a lady in london selling it she didn't make me want to buy it but am still interested to find out if anyones tryed it. She also sent me out some information which seemed to try and put everyone of using acyrlic, and also try to encourge selling it to the general public so they can do their own nails at home, which i don,t think is a good thing.
hope this helps
NO NO NO NO and neither do I.

Am i right in thinking a distributor of a professional product, that can be used to create nail enhancements - something similar to acrylic or gel, has encouraged you to sell this to the client with NO education or training????????? So why have we bothered to do any training at all - we should have gone to this lady coz she obviously doesn't think training is important!!!! HA I think i know how many of us will buy her products - like zero.

I don't think it is a good idea to sell products like this to the public.

I still can't get over it when this sort of thing happens it makes me very depressed.

At least us guys know the value of the service we provide and so do my clients.

Nuff said by me

Jo :(
Forze has been around for at least 7 years now (and longer under various other forms. i.e. Lume'). It pops up every now and again... makes a bunch of crazy claims... and then disappears again for awhile.

If I remember correctly, it is a multi level marketing (pyramid scheme) product.

BTW: Chemically speaking... it is a type of acrylic ;)
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