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Feb 3, 2016
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I recently passed my CND shellac course and have invested a lot in colours from CND.

But in order for me to practice glitters and designs before I try on friends/ family would u use all your shellac on pop stick's. I.e top coat?

I also bought several magpie glitters and would Like to try the 2 faced under a black/white. Would u only use ur shellac for this to?

I don't want to waste my good stuff on practice and if it was a pop stick to show an actual shellac then I would obviously use that but what do u do about practice for a newbie?

Thanks x
Yes I use my products for Pops, etc. for me there was no point in practising with other products as CND Shellac behaves differently to say Gel2, or INK London. They have different brush shapes, their products have different viscosity etc.

I also topcoat my pops as I use the practise ones for display too, even the ones I think are a mess as usually interesting for clients as they see completely different things to us, we look for faults they look at the pretty colours and patterns :p

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