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Mar 18, 2009
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Norfolk, UK
Hi, I have just been looking for tips on their site and Lo and Behold !!!!! PopIts in stock, Yaaaayyyyyy

The 50's pack is out of stock but the 300's are in stock again

Cant wait to order and get started. Hopefully the 50's will be available soon.
I am now the "proud" owner of a couple of hundred The Edge and "Generic" types that I have been buying to find a suitable alternative.

I think I might need to add the service to my menu to use them all up quickly. LOL ( Just need to master the art of using flimsy Dual System Inverted Moulds now:D )
Can you please tell me the advantage/reason for using popits rather than traditionally creating the enhancement? Are they simply a training aid? X
Hi Hun, Have a search on here, There is loads of info.
The main advantage is that you can do a full set of FABULOUSLY GLOSSY Acrylics in about a half an hour. So Ideal for large parties, ( Nail Parties or wedding party customers etc.) someone with not much time and of course for Mobile techs needing to get in and out quick. I have found that the treatments are charged at a lower price but then you arent spending so much time and there isn't much need for filing and tweaking the final curve and look of the nail. The best bit about them is that your " wrong hand" looks as good as your Dominant hand when you do your own nails.
Do you mean popits are back?

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