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Oct 28, 2013
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Hi all :)
Been using salon geek for years now but always been a 'lurker' as the account I was using from years couldn't post anything.. Finally made a new account so nows my turn to give a little back & get involved! here goes...
Have been in the industry for 7 years now..
7 years nail technician
6 years level 2 & 3 beauty
Have been self employed within a salon for 5 years now but am looking to move on.. I am going to ring a potential salon tomorrow but wanted to prepare & make sure I have covered anything I need to ask.. Have filled an a4 sheet with notes so far but the main questions I have to ask them are...
-how long do they have left on their lease
(For my own security)
-do they have much call for nails & beauty?
(Salon is currently just hair)
-do they have a room/space for me to do beauty
- how many weeks a years is rent to be paid
(E.g.. Any holiday weeks)
- will I have access to keys to open/close salon if my hours extend their current hours
-can I come & go when I like during the day - no restrictions
- would they like to see my work

I also have a little prompt list about previous salon like:
-all clients contact my mobile
-never had a sick day
-committed to my work & will do all I can to accommodate my lady's
I could go on..

I'm pretty sure I have covered most things but thought I would post incase I am forgetting something important? I did do a couple of searches but was finding most previous threads were more along the lines of what to ask when interviewing somebody..
Any ideas appreciated :)
Thanks :) xxx

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