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Aug 9, 2013
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London, UK
I hope my question makes sense;

When waxing you can use powder before hand to prevent residue wax on the client. Is it just regular talcum powder or something else? I've noticed threading bars also use a form of powder to highlight the area before threading. Is it the same powder? Also, which kind of dispenser should I be using, bc when I've seen this in practise it seems to be a compacted type if powder.

Did any of that make sense????
Corn starch of any type works, I love medical grade powders. It does a lot for the tech AND the client. It absorbs excess moisture on the skin to allow the wax to adhere better to the hair, protects the skin from heat and pulling too much live skin cell and it is great for highlighting those pesky light baby hairs
Ps. Baby powder works well and you can dispense a small amount on your palm and then use your fingers to add it to the facial area, very small amount

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Thanks so much! Where would I get the cornstarch from tho? And what type if dispenser would I use. I always see them applying it with their fingertips from a pressed powder?

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